Rewinds – Acoustic To Plug

LAで制作活動をするユニットRewindsの楽曲 Acoustic To Plugがリマスタリングされデジタル配信決定! ブルージーなイントロから展開する様が秀逸な楽曲。

Cover of Acoustic To Plug By Rewinds

2022-10-13 リリース

Rewinds, who have been based on the West Coast of the U.S. since moving from Japan, have dropped their first single in a while! Following on from their previous release, Rewinds has remade the original material from over 15 years ago and given it a modern mixing and mastering treatment. The bluesy intro to this rock anthem quickly evolves.

LAで制作活動をするユニット Rewinds の楽曲Acoustic To Plugがリマスタリングされデジタル配信決定!


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