Curazed – Cry For Nothing


2023-01-30 リリース

Curazed – Cry For Nothing

別ユニットSaid Nahでのフィーチャリングなどで忙しかった中、コツコツと作業を進めた7ヶ月ぶりのシングルを満を辞してドロップ!

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The song is a modern sound made up of folky guitar sounds and looped samples from more than 20 years ago with a shoegaze approach that suddenly appears in the middle eight. Recorded in Glendale, California, mixed and mastered in Newark, New Jersey.



パーペチュアル・トラベラーとして世界を旅し、LND / LA / BKK / TYOの4つの国・都市で活動をする多国籍クリエイターチーム
Curazed, who has been traveling throughout the year as PT (Perpetual Traveler), dropped his first single in 7 months after working hard on it while he was busy featuring in his other unit Said Nah.